Training Your Dog To Become A Guard Dog.

Training Your Dog To Become A Guard Dog. 2

Is the behavior of your dog frustrating and stressing you out? If you answered yes, your dog probably needs to be trained nore. Putting some extra time into training your dog will help you get a more obedient pet. You will find some great advice here on how to train your dog the right way.

Old habits die hard, even in dogs. When dog’s have learned certain behaviors over the years, or from a previous owner, it can take quite a while to alter said behavior. If canine behaviors are addressed when dogs are still just pups, then behavior modification goes easier and faster.

Learn to take cues from your dog. If your dog shows you that it is uncomfortable when it meets new animals or people, don’t push him. Your dog is letting you know that he is uncomfortable for good reason, and it is important to honor that. Pushing too hard may result in aggressive behavior that could have been avoided.

Pet Needs

Establish a calm environment when you enter a room that your dog is in. Your pet needs play time (and you might too), but your pet needs to be calm when you step into rooms most of the time. Don’t acknowledge your dog when you enter the room. By doing this, you will be able to create a controlled environment in which you determine when and how play time begins.

If you are training your pet, you need to get the whole family into it so that the dog listens to everyone. Every family member that participates in training the dog needs to use the right commands. The key to success in training your dog is consistency.

Always be patient when you train your dog. Each dog has a unique pace in how it learns things. Some dogs take to training easily and can learn new commands in minutes, while others will need plenty of time and repetition. If you are to instill the best behaviors in your dog, you should always be patient.

Use positive reinforcements when training your dog. Rewards include treats, kind words and physical touch. Do not yell at your dog or hit him. Your dog will not respond well to these methods and will not understand what you want them to do. Maintain a calm attitude anytime that your dog does wrong so that you can have a relationship o mutual respect with your dog.

Having a well-trained pet makes time with him much more enjoyable for everyone. At the moment, you may believe your dog’s never going to behave. However, being committed to training will have you seeing positive results in no time. If you remember these tips, you will surely be able to be successful in training your dog.