Tips And Tricks Every Dog Trainer Should Know

Tips And Tricks Every Dog Trainer Should Know 2

Dogs don’t think the same way that humans do, so don’t treat your pooch as if he is intellectually equal. Doing so will leave one sadly disappointed by the results they receive. You can see what is needed to treat your dog effectively by reading the article that follows.

Be careful not to spend too much time at once training your dog. A long, uninterrupted training period is going to exhaust your dog’s attention. Ten minutes is about the length of time a dog can handle.

It is best to guide your dog to the correct behavior, rather than punish bad behavior. If he misbehaves, correct him, but most importantly, you should try to prevent that behavior from happening to begin with. Training is a time to teach and talk with your pet; the process is all about building a positive relationship.

If you want to train your dog, avoid playing any sort of control games like tug of war. Tug-of-war, chasing games, and games that involve wrestling can all make the puppy think that biting human hands is acceptable. These bad behaviors will be hard to get rid of and are counter intuitive to your training efforts so save them for after the dog has learned clear, well established guidelines on how to act.

Animal Specialist

If you are thinking of hiring an animal specialist, be sure that you check their reputation and interview them thoroughly. Opinions and techniques can vary from animal specialist to animal specialist. Make sure that the trainer you hire has a mentality similar to yours when it comes to working with pets.

Involve the entire family in your dog’s training exercises. Regardless of who is doing the actual training, your dog needs consistency around the clock. Every family member will be seen in control, if all are consistent.

If you have a large dog, and he likes to stretch out, get the dog a big bed. You could get a rectangular bed designed specifically for large dogs or, better yet, a standard crib mattress. There are several advantages to doing this since you are able to change the cover with frequency and ease when using fitted sheets. Crib mattresses are also waterproof, which is another big advantage.

Try introducing a clicker to reinforce great behavior. The clicker works when you make an association between positive events and the clicker being used. For the first few days, use the clicker when giving a treat. Soon, your dog will associate the click with ‘reward’ or other positive actions, which can be very helpful in shaping the desirable behaviors you hope to achieve.

After learning some helpful hints on how to get through to your dog and train it to behave to your expectations you simply need to follow what you have learned. After changing your dogs behavior to fit with the tips suggested you can properly train your dog