Trouble Training Your Dog? Follow These Tips

Trouble Training Your Dog? Follow These Tips 2

If you have a dog that is naturally well-behaved, you are very lucky, as most dogs require at least some training. Use the tips that follow to help your dog become a well-adjusted, happy canine.

Keep a spray bottle handy to deter your dog when it tries to bite people or things. This helps the dog learn which behaviors are not acceptable. Afterwards your dog won’t do these things anymore.

In order to decrease barking, stay around the offending item. Maybe it’s a specific sound, or perhaps it’s being near other people or certain animals. As you begin getting your dog accustomed to these situations, he will be less likely to bark.

Don’t get mad at your dog if he doesn’t respond correctly. Take a moment to consider your training methods. It is possible that you need to change your strategy.

Dog’s names should only be used positively. This will cause the dog to associate their name with a positive attitude and good behavior. For this reason, you should always call your dog by name in a positive tone.

If you are going to deem it perfectly acceptable for your pet to use the bathroom indoors, make a designated area for them for elimination. This will help let your dog know that there’s only one place he is to alleviate himself.

Discourage unwanted behavior when you see it. Make sure to use a firm voice when telling your dog “No”. Do not scream or yell or hit your dog. Immediately react to bad behaviors so they know the cause of the punishment. Dogs memories do not last that long. Waiting will only confuse the dog.

Whenever you train your dog to play fetch, make sure you show them that you are in charge by having him bring you the ball. If you pick up balls your dog drops, he will think think he is in charge. When you teach your dog to do this, he will know what to do with it all the time.

Does you dog eat an appropriate diet? Like children, dogs can become hyperactive, inattentive and even a little bit bratty when their diet isn’t up to par. Consider changing your dog’s diet to something more species-appropriate, and he’ll have long-lasting, consistent energy all day. Talk to your vet to learn the nutritional needs of your dog.

If you want an agile dog, make sure you choose a breed that tends to be agile. Just about any dog can participate in agility sports, though Border Collies, Shetland sheepdogs, Labs and Australian shepherds are particularly good candidates.

Even if you’ve got a rowdy dog, keep thinking positively. Most dogs can be trained with a proper technique and a little perseverance. Use the tips you’ve learned here to minimize the anxiety and maximize your results.