Tips And Tricks On How To Train Your Dog Correctly

Tips And Tricks On How To Train Your Dog Correctly 2

There are a lot of pets people like to have, including dogs. Puppies often start out as destructive and somewhat difficult to control, though. You can pick up some great advice on puppy training by checking out the rest of this article.

Crates need to be treated as the dog’s second home. Meal times should be given within the crate while the door remains open throughout the meal. The dog will recognize the crate as having delicious food.

Pick a consistent phrase to use with your puppy while house training. Each time you let your dog out to relieve himself, use a phrase such as “go potty” so that he associates going outside with going to the bathroom.

Take caution when near an unfamiliar dog and offer them a chance to sniff your hands. The dog will become familiar with your smell and recognize the scent in the future. Dogs are more likely to be friendly and obedient if they recognize you.

You need to teach your dog right away that they should drop or back away from something when you say “leave it.” This is a good way to keep your dog from chewing things and make sure they do not chew dangerous objects.

Remember how many treats you reward your dog with during the course of the day to avoid fattening him up. A lot of pet owners don’t think about how much weight their dogs can put on with treats.

Praise is just as important as rewards when you are training your dog. Smile often and keep treats handy to ensure that the positive reinforcement is quick and consistent. Do not reward your dog after bad behavior, it will get confused.

Training your dog can be challenging, but never give up. While it may be frustrating at times, if you don’t persevere and constantly reinforce the teachings to the dog, your efforts will be wasted. Keep in mind that in addition to giving your dog food and shelter, training will be a life-long process.

Ensure that your dog knows the rules to follow, and be consistent; this will teach it right from wrong. Everyone who lives with your dog will have to undertake the same behavior for him to learn from your training. These inconsistencies can cause significant setbacks.

It’s important that your dog enjoy training and look forward to training sessions. Keep your training lessons between ten to fifteen minutes so your dog can keep focused. Give your dog rewards that vary and come often. Praising your dog is the best way to ensure continued obedience. Making training fun makes listening fun, too!

It is important that your dog return to you on command. Your pet must learn to come back to you whenever you call it. Work on this behavior the most and make sure your dog follows your command. Having your dog come back to you might help you, or them, when in a life-threatening spot one day.

You should not have to choose between your beloved dog and a clean home. You might not be able to have a presentable house if your dog is bad; try some training. Keeping these tips in mind can help you live in peace with your dog!