Effective Training Techniques For The Bow Wow In Your Life

Training a puppy can be frustrating and even harder if you are not getting a young dog. That said, this article has all the advice you need to make it a snap.

If you are trying to train a dog with good behavior, avoid using a tight leash. A tight leash can cause your dog to pull. This is not something that you want the dog to do. Therefore, you should always make sure its leash is at a comfortable length for it.

Effective Training Techniques For The Bow Wow In Your Life 2

The first rule to remember when you begin to house train your puppy is that what you feed them will eventually come out the other end. To keep your puppies toiletry habits regular, feed him a high quality food 2-3 times a day at the same time each day. By scheduling your feedings, you will be able to determine when you should take your dog out. This can greatly reduce the number of accidents.

Chewing is one of the most destructive and distressing dog behaviors. You need to teach your dog not to chew to preserve your furniture and keep your dog from chewing dangerous items. Remove these items from areas where your dog could reach them. Some bitter spray can work for permanent fixtures your dog is intent on chewing on.

Bad Habits

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Old habits die hard, even in dogs. When the dog has bad habits in place, it’ll be hard to change the behaviors, but you can with perseverance. It is easier to train your dog if you don’t let bad habits develop and start training the minute you bring him home.

When you start training a dog, do not assume that he wont bite you. If your dog is untrained, they may not regard you as a leader. Understanding how to effectively display dominance to your new dog will help them to recognize you as the alpha in the pack. Even the calmest dog may bite you if they don’t understand your behavior.

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Have some patience when dealing with your dog. Your dog doesn’t understand English and he is not a person. Your dog gets cues from your body and the tone of voice you are speaking in. Stay calm and take breaks during training to ensure it stays positive.

Always be patient when you train your dog. Each dog is unique, and thus learns at their own pace. Some dogs are faster than others, so plan accordingly. You need to practice patience when you are training your dog.

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Don’t have unrealistic training expectations for aging or ill dogs. A dog with arthritis won’t be able to stand for very long, for example. Training could help a dog stimulate its cognitive functions, which is very beneficial when it comes to older dogs. You also need to be looking out for any pain your dog may be in if they are older.

A well trained dog is calmer and happier, and an obedient dog is a satisfying pet for you and your entire family. Implement this information right away to find out how simple dog training can be.