Dog food requirements

Except in cases where your pet has learned to order food from the local bistro, it’s your duty to see to its food requirements. While discussing their food requirements, you will need to understand that what a specific dog or breed needs. Just like humans, there is a distinction between dog’s appetites also based upon their size, age, activity level etc. Though, the basic necessity of every dog is eating a well-balanced portion to supply them appropriate amount of energy, nutrients, metabolic energy.

Again, like humans, dogs also need the basic six elements for gaining optimal health and wellness, which are protein, vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and water. To understand the breakdown and the best sources of all these elements for what it does to your dog, read the rest of the article carefully.

Dog food requirements: proteins

Protein intake can become its largest source of attainting right ways of calories. It plays a crucial role in a dog’s health as its the reason for its growth and repair of tissues and health. Meat meal is the most favored which a highly concentrated protein form. There are two sorts of vitamins, fat soluble comprising of vitamins A, D, E and K but water soluble comprising of all the complex vitamins B and C must be eaten and replaced regularly. Minerals are certainly necessary for your dog’s bone and teeth health. This makes it essential to include calcium and phosphorous in its daily diet. Natural fatty acids are also essential as they are the ones that make or break your dog’s skin and hair.

They are excellent to add texture and flavor to their meals. Carbohydrates are equally essential for dogs as they easily consume everything that is inside their prey’s stomach. So, pet dogs too need them through real vegetables, brown rice and fruits for maintaining healthy bowels. Lastly, providing a bowl of clean water is vital for transporting wastes and nutrients all through its body. All this would be sufficient to ensure fulfillment of your dog’s food requirements.